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Tool Manager For Mastercam  X7

Tool Manager with Speed & Feed Library

The Tool Manager allows you to organize your Tools, Tool Holders,  Materials and Cutting Data, all from one interface. Learn how to  build Tool Holder Assemblies, create Custom Tool Holders, Custom Tools & Import tool data directly from your tool manufacturers web sites. Create custom Speed & Feed Libraries for your favorite tools. It’s never been easier to organize your cutting data.   For Mastercam X7  & Up.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

Qty              $135

Tool Manager Application Splash Screen

If you’ve ever wanted to organize your shop tools, sort your tools by machine, assign specific libraries to your machine/post, then you need to master the new Tool Manager.  3 Axis, 4 Axis & 5 Axis programmers will appreciate the new Tool Assemblies. Now you can design tool extensions and add them to your standard holders.  Combine this with the collision detection in Mastercam and you’ve added another way to avoid costly crashes.

Tool Manager Application - Custom Extension Assembly

With the new High Speed Toolpaths, you can really fine tune your cutting process. But each machine might be a little bit different. Wouldn’t it be nice to organize your cutting Speeds & Feeds  and associate them with the tool library for a specific machine. We even show you how to associate a specific Tool Library with each Machine Definition and Postprocessor. Now you’ll always have the right Tools, Holders, Speeds & Feeds, available when you need them.

Consider this...  You just bought a new Milling Cutter. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the Tool Manufacturers CAD data and import it directly into your tool library. Just go to the their web site, download the data and import it directly into the Tool Manager. It’s that simple.

Tool Manufacturer Web Site - CAD Data Download

Tool Up Your Mastercam With...
    Almost 3 Hours of Video
        Full Audio Narration.
            34 Individual Lessons.
For Mastercam
X7  & Up.

Custom Cut Parameters - Speeds & Feeds

Find exactly what your looking for with the new Tool Manager Search Engine. Sort by Size, Name, Style or any tool property.  Set up conditional parameter searches (greater than, less than, equal to). Select 1 item, or the whole list.

Personal, Professional Training
Anytime You Want It.

Qty              $135

What’s Covered In This CD...
*  PreSelecting Tools For a Job
*  Modify The Standard Tool Library
*  Create Your Own Library
*  Move Tools Between Libraries
*  Move Holders  Between Libraries
*  Import Tools From .MCX Files
*  Build Tool Assemblies
*  Create Custom Tools
*  Import Custom Tools
*  Create Custom Holders
*  Tool Manager Application
*  Tool Manager Navigation
*  Using Multiple Tool Managers
*  Adjusting Tool Lengths
*  Adjusting Tool Cut Parameters
*  Adjusting  Assemblies
*  Copy, Delete, Rename Assemblies
*  Naming & Organizing The Library
*  Adding Part Material Lists
*  Create Cut Parameters
*  How Speeds & Feeds Are Calculated
*  Associate Libraries With Posts
*  Search Engine Functions
*  Conditional Parameter Searches

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No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

This CD Rom runs in 1024 x 768 resolution on any PC with Internet Explorer 10 (or newer) or Firefox Browsers. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 Compatible. Contains almost 3 hours of video, with audio narration. A sound card & Speakers are required.

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