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TFM - Fundamentals Of Machine Tools.
Full of useful information for anyone who wants to learn about being a machinist. Complete descriptions of the machine tools, cutting tools and practices for all types of machining.

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This is an Ebook and is downloaded  to your PC.  The file is small, so it’s easy to download even with a “dial-up” internet connection.  Easy to navigate menus for fast access to important machining information. Contains 9 Chapters, 3 Appendicies, Index, Glossary of terms and Reference information.

This EBook Covers These Topics.

  • Introduction to the machine shop.
  • Measuring Tools and Lay-Out techniques.
  • Identifying Materials.
  • Heat Treatment types.
  • Portable Tools For Metal Cutting.
  • Drilling, Boring & Reaming of Holes.
  • Drill geometry information.
  • Grinding machines, Grinding wheels.
  • Tool Grinding.
  • Sawing, Types of saws blades.
  • Lathes, Lathe components.
  • Principles of Turning.
  • Types of Milling machines.
  • Machine components.
  • Milling techniques.
  • Milling, Grinding & Turning attachments.

Includes a number of charts for drill sizes, sand paper grit, Trigonometry tables, screw pitches, material hardness, speeds & feeds, calculating taper, distance, area and converting units of measure.

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