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Feature Based Machining (FBM) Toolpaths  For  Mastercam  X7 Thru X9


Almost every shop deals with solid models, and Mastercam  has a  powerful way to automatically mill and drill these parts. Valuable for  experienced power users and easy enough for new users, FBM evaluates a  parts features and automatically designs an effective machining  strategy.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

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Covers everything you need to get started making toolpaths. Detailed information about the Mastercam FBM Toolpath creation, Tool selection, hotkeys, importing CAD files, creating  Stock Models for verification and useful tricks for getting what you want for your machined parts. Includes sample parts in Parasolid and Mastercam formats.

FBM makes it quick & easy to program parts with engineering changes, or families of parts with similar features.


Prepare For Mastercam Certification With....
  4 Hours of Video with Audio Narration.
        39 Lessons.
              7 Different Parts.
                     8 Projects.

        This CD will work with  X7 Thru X9 Mill

With just a few simple clicks you can...

* Detect/Select which solid model features for FBM to machine.
* Automatically cut straight-walled & tapered-wall pockets.
* Machine pockets using 2D roughing, rest mill & finish operations.
* Automatically support closed, open, nested & through pockets.
* Automatically create external machining if required.
* Automatically identify when facing is required.
* Automatically create drilled, tapped, ct. bored & reamed holes.
* Automatically perform spot drilling, peck drilling,
* Automatically create custom tools selections if needed.
* Advanced controls for blind, through, co-axial & split holes.
* Select the appropriate tools for all operations, either from
   your preferred tools list or from libraries you specify.


Feature Based Machining.

* Learn To Use FBMachining
* Set Toolpath Options
* Set Tool Size Ranges.
* Limit Operations By Plane
* Include/Exclude Roughing
* Control Rest Roughing
* Reduce Operation Creation
* Edit Operations
* FBM Drilling
* Create Tapped Holes
* Mapping Tapped Holes


With Hole Mapping, you can detect a size & specify the type of operation to perform (drill, ream, bore, tap, etc...). Create libraries of holes.


Other Functions Covered.

* Multiple Machine Groups
* Multiple Toolpath Groups
* Shifting Zeros
* Work Offsets
* Dynamic Plane Creation
* Contour Toolpaths
* Incremental / Absolute
* Rapid Clearance Control
* Lead In / Lead Out
* Data From The Model
* Linking Parameters

Mastercam Control.

* Mouse/Interface Control
* Hotkey Short Cuts
* Stock Models
* Optimizing Cycle Time
* WCS/Zero Shift

* Chaining/Selection Options
* Working With Planes
* Changing Entity Colors
* Changing Entity Levels
* Geometry Selection


“Classic” 3D  Toolpaths Covered.

* Wireframe - Loft
* Wireframe - Ruled
* Wireframe - Coons

To solve special machining problems, for Mill Level 1 & Mill Level 2 users.

Importing a Parasold Model & Detecting Features
Solid Manipulation - Removing Pocket Features from a model.
Toolpath Tramsformations - Transform Rotate.

Qty              $175

Personal, Professional Training
Anytime You Want It.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

This CD Rom runs in 1024 x 768 resolution on any PC with Internet Explorer 10 (latest version) or Firefox Browsers. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 Compatible. 4 hours of video, with audio narration. A sound card & Speakers are required.

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