Crusader II
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Anilam Electronics Crusader II Control Training DVD’s
For Playback On Any Region 1  DVD Player

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These training DVD videos will play in any region 1 DVD player. This is the standard for North American (USA) DVD Players. They contain key information for programming the Anilam Crusader II ( Crusader 2 ) CNC control, not available anywhere else. The contents of each DVD are shown below. While you can watch these on a PC with amplified speakers, we recommend using a DVD player and full size TV.

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Disk 1: Control overview & principles of operation. Using coordinate systems & introduction to the Crusader II program format information. Do Loops. keyboard overview.
1 Hour 10 Minutes

Qty              $49.95

Disk 2: Detailed information on programming variables for Drilling, & Pocketing. Machine Operation covers  how to set tool length offsets & how to write programs using  subroutines.
1 Hour 20 Minutes

Qty              $49.95

Disk 3: Programming with arcs. Basics of the arc format & advanced principles of arcs. Using the polar coordinate programming format to create arc end points. Special “tricks” for arc endpoints. Using Cutter Compensation.
2 Hours &  6 Minutes

Qty              $49.95

Disk 4: Advanced Software System II - Using the Advanced Variable Programming options to creating bolt circles, polar rotation & mirror image. Advanced use of subroutines and canned cycles.
1 Hour & 26 Minutes

Qty              $49.95

This is the original course material developed By Mike Mattera for the Crusader II Control.  Learn from the Expert who wrote the manual for the Crusader II. These are transfers from VHS so there is a little loss of video quality. But the Content is Priceless if you need to learn how to program a Crusader control. Each DVD is designed to build on your knowledge, starting with the first DVD and working your way up thru  the next. They include sample drawings, sample programs and illustrations used in the videos.

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