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Certification Test Preparation For Mastercam  X7


Essential Information for anyone who wants to achieve Mastercam  X7 Certification. This training is all about understanding the requirements to complete the Certification Test. Essential information for the serious Mastercam programmer.  Even if you’re not interested in Certification, these lessons will teach you practical programming procedures, that will make you a better CNC programmer.

No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

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If you've been studying  Mastercam and are planning to take the Certification Test, this training is for you. This is not intended to be a substitute for the hard work and diligence required to become a certified Mastercam programmer. It’s about understanding the requirements and the testing procedures.

Prepare For Mastercam Certification With....
    4.5 Hours of Video with Audio Narration.
         59 Lessons.
               2 Different Complete Projects.


Mastercam Certification Requirements.

We cover all of the testing requirements in a step by step format, so you'll have a clear understanding of “What You’ll Need To Do” and “What You’ll Need To Know”, when it's time to take the test.

The test is as much about following directions, as it is about using Mastercam. While we do walk you thru the Design and Toolpath procedures, this training is NOT about learning Mastercam. We assume you know how to use Mastercam. Consider this a Pre-Test preparation for Certification.

What We Do In This Training.

We start with the test procedures and an overview of the testing requirements. This will help you determine if there are any areas you'll need to explore in more depth, before you take the test.

We explain things you can do to keep your testing experience organized and on track.

We cover Design techniques that will reduce your mistakes and improve the quality of final part.

We cover naming conventions that are critical for successful test results.

We cover Operations Manager functions that will make it easier to insure your achieving your test goals.

We create toolpaths that can be effective for machining the part, with simple tool motion.

We try to show you Mastercam options that you may not be using very effectively and show you variations that might help you express your style of programming.

We review the .NC output to make sure they meet the test requirements.

We show you how to create the project setup sheets and save them in an easy to use format.

We show you how to package all of your files in a Zip2Go for the final step in completing your certification test.

Includes - 2 complete test packages, presented in a format similar to the actual Mastercam  test.  Learn to follow the steps for creating Geometry, Naming Planes, Naming Levels, Naming .NC Files, Creating Toolpath Groups and Work Coordinate Systems with individual Work Offsets. Everything you need to practice for Mastercam  Certification.


Personal, Professional Training
Anytime You Want It.

Qty              $175

For a complete package to learn Mastercam  and take the certification test, consider adding these 3 CD’s to your cart   Intro to X7,   Surface Design  &  2D HST CD’s.

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No Internet Connection Required. No Monthly Subscription. The CD Never Expires. Watch These Lessons Any Time That’s Convenient For You.

This CD Rom runs in 1024 x 768 resolution on any PC with Internet Explorer 10 (latest version) or Firefox Browsers. Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 Compatible. 4.5 hours of video, with audio narration. A sound card & Speakers are required.

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