3000M DVD2

Why read the book when you can see the movie”

Anilam 1100 & 3000M CNC Control Training DVD #2.
Can also be used for the 5000 control with the Conversational Option.

This DVD is part 2 of the 3000M Training set. In this DVD we take a closer look at the more advanced programming of the 3000M. This DVD is an extension of the things covered in DVD #1.

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Taking a more advanced look at subroutines as they apply to Linear Hole Patterns, Bolt Circles Patterns, Polar Coordinate Rotation. The perfect companion to DVD #1.

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Take your Anilam 3000M Programming skills to the next level with this comprehensive training DVD. In this DVD we take a more advanced look at using subroutines for multiple functions. Nested Subroutine examples (subs calling other subs) are used to create Looped machining patterns.

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For the best clarity these DVD videos should be viewed on the largest screen available. Preferably  a standard TV and DVD player. They can also be played on your PC's DVD drive but because of the size of the illustrations, you may it hard to follow. Amplified speakers are required for use on a PC.

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