3000M DVD1

Why read the book when you can see the movie”

Anilam 1100 & 3000M CNC Control Training DVD #1.
Can also be used for the 5000 control with the Conversational Option.

Detailed video instruction, showing full screen programming of the 1100 & 3000M control. Every menu selection is explained and highlighted during the programming process. See the menus and selection “Pick by Pick” as the instructor explains the programming format. By doing a complete part, we can teach you a “process” to evaluate the print and develop a plan for programming.

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These videos contain lessons of common machining problems using the features of the Anilam 3000M control. It will help you get a better grasp of the primary programming functions and help you understand the menus.

Qty              $119.50

Including explanations of geometry types, we walk you thru programming parts with mixed coordinates. Learn to use the geometry on the print by taking advantage of the powerful 3000M programming options. Detailed examples of Absolute. Incremental & Polar programming.

5 Different Parts Examples.
Over 1 - 1/2 Hours of Video instruction.

Here are some of the topics covered in these videos.

  • Machine Motion
  • Axis Direction
  • Coordinate Type
  • Rapid, Feed, Line, Arc motion
  • Blended Arcs & Tangent Arcs
  • Drilling Cycles
  • Circular Pocketing Cycles
  • Subroutines & Loops
  • Analyzing Print Information
  • Geometry / Angular Information
  • Drawing The Part In Graphics
  • Cutter Compensation
  • Changing Cutter Offsets
  • Modify, Insert & Edit lines
  • Compatible With The 1000 Control

Geometry Concepts.

For the best clarity these DVD videos should be viewed on the largest screen available. Preferably  a standard TV and DVD player. They can also be played on your PC's DVD drive but because of the size of the illustrations, you may it hard to follow. Amplified speakers are required for use on a PC.

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